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Pet Licenses

If you live in the City of Bennington which includes the following:

Bennington Park,

Bennington Heights,

Bennington Park West, 

Ridgewood and

Prairie Hollow -

you are in Bennington's City limits and should license your pets in January of every year.

Tags expire annually on December 31.  New tags are available at the City Office.  Ordinance #388 states that all dogs and cats must have a current city tag.  Fees are as follows:

$21 neutered/spayed
$26 not neutered/spayed

$13 neutered/spayed
$16 not neutered/spayed

Please stop by the Bennington City Office at 15505 Warehouse St., Bennington (M-F, 8am-4pm) at your earliest convenience with your pet’s rabies certificate to purchase your current pet license.
We accept cash or check only.